Wholly Mother Jones

Dramatizes the life of the fabulous hell-raiser and union organizer, Ireland’s greatest gift to the American labor movement. This inspiring musical play with over 15 songs has been performed at TNC and Brecht Center in New York City. Markets includes union members, activists, Irish Americans, and music lovers. $13.95

REVIEWS for Wholly Mother Jones

“Really enjoyed WHOLLY MOTHER JONES…Mother Jones’ life had all the elements of both great tragedy and great triumph in helping to win major victories for workers and children… very well done, I loved the music, especially the intro.”
–Ginger Pinkard, NYC Labor Chorus

‘”Wonderful play! …Great spirit, music and message!”
– Audience Comments

“The Audience was spellbound and often wiped away a tear or two…I highly recommend it…The inspiration will energize you.”
– Eileen Shaeffler, Chicago labor leader

“Wonderful, inspiring, …entertaining and educational…”
– Audience Comments

Every student in America needs to learn about Mother Jones, particularly because of her role in bringing an end to child labor. This outstanding play is the ideal teaching tool to deliver her story.”
–Angelica Santomauro, Director of American Labor Museum

“It is wonderfully well done! The music and story fit together seamlessly and Anne O’Sullivan is vibrant as Mother Jones…the CD makes you feel you are there in the audience, on the picket line or in prison with that dangerous woman, Mary Harris…get this into the hands of union workers all over America today. It would cheer and encourage them to get to know this gallant “little old lady” fighting and winning against the bosses…Bravo!”
– Sally Campbell, People Voice Cafe