Walking the Hudson: Batt to Bear

An entertaining, informative guide/revery about a new 56-mile path from the Battery to Bear Mountain. The first and finest guide to this Hudson shore path. 152 Pages, Indexed. Illustrated. Maps. Introduction by Pete Seeger. $12.95

**Out of Print – Being Revised


This guide results from the efforts of many dedicated people to preserve the Hudson River shore and to allow more people to enjoy the river. I hope this book will provide a way for people to walk on the edge of one of the world’s most beautiful waterways — a wide river within hailing distance of New York.
Foot explorers who helped scout the first eleven legs of the Hudson River Shore Trail (HRST) include Minor Bishop, Rachel Donner, Ted Gabay, Jag Gulati, Ursula Hahn, Buddy Levine, Gordon Linzner, and Dorothy Lourdou — all of whom have given me helpful comments. I am most grateful. During the work week they are an architect, an English teacher, an administrator, a retired garment worker, a molecular bio-researcher, a novelist, an engineer, and a dance librarian. On weekends this intrepid crew has walked in snow and in 95-degree weather along the Hudson’s shores, exploring inlets, hamlets, rocks, sand, and both green and grey paths, so that others may follow. These bipeds are members of Shorewalkers, a not-for-profit environmental and walking group founded in 1982.
Special thanks to Arthur Adams, Barbara Batcheler, Rachel Donner, Angela Lennox Kaye, Gordon Linzner and Kay McDermott, for their helpful suggestions.
The Hudson River Shore Trail is the proposed 330-mile foot path along the river outlined in the New York Times in my September 1, 1994 Op Ed piece: “For Hudsonophiles a Long, Long Trail.” A vast hodge-podge of data and Hudson impressions have accumulated in my files since the 1980’s. Without the assistance of Jewel Daniel, a native of St. Kitts, this book would not have been assembled and typed. I am most grateful for her youthful energy and talent.
In addition, I would like to thank long-term supporters of the Shorewalkers’ efforts to create the 330-mile HRST. From 1984 these farsighted environmentalists have included among others, Mrs. Willis Reese, Mrs. George W. Perkins, Ms. Evelyn Lauder, William L. Frost, Logan Fulrath Jr., Pete Seeger; Legislators Maurice Hinchey, Ed Sullivan, Franz Leichter, the Mertz-Gilmore Foundation, and the REI Foundation,– Shorewalkers all.

Cy A Adler

REVIEWS for Walking The Hudson: Batt To Bear

Cy A Adler, a founder of Shorewalkers, Inc. (an environmental and walking group), has explored 5000 miles of waterfront in the past 20 years. He organized Shorewalkers’ now-famous walk, the Great Saunter, which takes place the first Saturday in May. Since 1986, thousands of walkers have joined Adler in this spectacular one-day excursion around New York Island. His articles have appeared in The New York Times, Newsday, Barrons, Sierra Atlantic…. His book, WALKING THE HUDSON, BATT TO BEAR, has been widely praised:

“…A book about one rich and varied hike…Adler is scrupulously attentive to practicalities…it proves infectious…inspiring…”
— Karen Cook, Village Voice

“…the first complete guide to the Hudson River Shore Trail… the Trail begins at Manhattan’s Battery and ends at Bear Mountain in Rockland County.”
— City Sierran

“Cy Adler has a unique knowledge of the paths and trails around New York City’s waterfront and the Hudson River shore.”
— Senator Franz Leichter, New York State

“I know it will be a useful and inspiring companion for many walkers. I like the way it ‘grounds’ time, in our age of cars and jets: as Pete Seeger says in the introduction, “the average walker can reach Bear Mountain in two to four days.”
— Anne Sidamon-Eristoff, Chair, American Museum of Natural History

“Because I am an educator, I feel that schools must make hands-on experiences, like hikes, part of the school curriculum, which would help students become familiar with their own city and state. This well-researched handbook would be a welcome companion for a teacher on a class excursion.”
— Charlotte Adomaitis, A.P., English, in NYCAAPSE News

“…a terrific contribution to the walker’s potential enjoyment…it will be of tremendous value in itself.”
— Tony Simpson, Adirondack Magazine

“BATT TO BEAR reveals the beauty and wonder of one of America’s most familiar yet least appreciated waterways and shorelines.”
— B.P. Ruth Messinger, Manhattanite

“Cy is the acknowledged expert of what’s on the ground. He’s been there. He’s done it, and he has shown the rest of us the way.”
—Dave Lutz, NY Neighborhood Open Space Coalition

“From one nature enthusiast to another , it is a wonderful book, to not only use on the trail but also read at home.”
— Henry J. Stern, ex-Commissioner, NYC Parks

“Even if you never go beyond an armchair’s approach to Walking The Hudson, Batt to Bear, you’ll start seeing our Hudson in a new light. It will answer many of the questions for you that you had as you paddled along its shore.”
— Ralph Diaz, Hudson River Watertrail Association

“In Walking the Hudson, Cy takes you by the hand, guides your footsteps carefully, crams you mind with facts, and best of all, brings you out along the banks of America’s most astonishing river.”
— Tony Hiss, author

“‘Tell me where you walk, and I will tell you who you are;’ said pioneer shorewalker Cy Adler. This book celebrates the environment and features many of Rockland’s shoreline treasures.”
— Nancy Cacioppo, Rockland Journal