Walking By Waters: NY-NJ and Hudson Shorewalking Photos

A collection of mostly urban, waterfront, color photos taken from 1984 to 2010, mainly of shore areas most New Yorkers know nothing about. These extraordinary photos were snapped mainly by Cy Adler, founder of Shorewalkers, Inc. The book is dedicated to all the shorewalkers who have helped plan and organize many of the scenes you will see depicted herein. Insight into over a thousand miles of changing waterfront around the New York City archipelago and along the Hudson River. 147 pages. Over 130 photographs.


Waters have always attracted me. For the past 35 Years, I have been walking along the rivers, bays, estuaries, canals, lakes, meers, oceans, sounds, marshes, ponds, waterfalls, aqueducts, and kills in New York and New Jersey. These expeditions were sometimes with other shorewalkers, and sometimes alone. In the process I have met a many wonderful people. I have trod over a thousand miles of changing waterfront, and have taken a few thousand photographs.

This Book is dedicated to, and is in a sense a history of, the Shorewalkers, a group started innocently in 1982 to explore on foot the local waterfronts. We wanted outdoor adventure, fresh air, and exercise; we found much more. The Shorewalkers group has changed and grown over the years into an organization that not only organizes shore walks, but also works to create and protect paths along the waterways. Hundreds of dedicated hike leaders and volunteer helpers have made it possible for Shorewalkers to grow. We continue to seek out and enjoy the many beautiful sights around us, and at the same time preserve the waterways and shores as places of recreation for future generations.

Aside from beautiful waterscapes, sunsets, ships, birds, and water loving foliage. What follows is a part of my photographic collection.

My motto is:

Cy A Adler
President, Shorewalkers Inc.


‘A treasure trove of photographs whose colors and images have muted over time, evoking an era when NYC was gritty and untended….discover and explore the beauty of the unexpected waterfront….’
-Christine Yost, Director of Shorewalkers

‘….a lovely document of the history of the Shorewalkers….’
-Laura Rosen, Photographer