Free Ent’prise is Great



Words: P Agnos,     (Tune : ‘Revive Us Again’, )



 Free Ent’prise Is Great

    If You’ve Got Lots of Gold Plate;

 But If You Can’t Find a Real Job, 

     Join Our Grand, Singing Mob.

  1. I worked in a shop til tossed out on my ass,

And now I am one of the free‑enterprise class.


  1. My job was O.K.; I wasn’t bitchin’

Till it flew Mex‑ic‑way… and I, to a soup kitchen.

  1. We went to the store and we asked for some bread,

The boss gave us a flag and a bible instead.


  1. “Why don’t you guys save the money you earn?”

“When our kids stop eating, we’ll have money to burn.”

  1. When you can’t get a job, and you’re hungry and pale,

Find a kind‑hearted cop who will throw you in jail.


  1. My firm was like a new home to me;

Till the boss laid me off; now I’m enterprise‑free.

  1. “Oh why don’t you work like other guys do?”

“How the hell can we work when there’s no work to do?”

  1. Hey, don’t just complain; meet with other guys

who can’t find jobs; then go organize! !!



Free Trade Is Swell If You Own a Cartel,

But If You Can’t Find a Job, Your Life Can Be Hell.

I had a great gig, worked hard every day.

That was last July.  Still ain’t got my pay.

No more steady work, I’m now a free-lance,

Get no vacation and no insurance.

Can’t find steady work?   Robots in the loop.

Work now and then?  Join the freelancers group.

My boss is an ass; he’ll die any day.

And I don’t know when I’ll get my next pay.


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