Walking Manhattan’s Rim: The Great Saunter
A guide and savoring of New York Island’s magnificent shore with pictures and insights on how it has changed during the past 50 years. How the park-lined waterfront looks today. Markets for this guide include tourists, walkers, Manhattanites, Hudsonophiles and river lovers. Introduction by Pete Seeger and Adrian Benepe. $9.95 (+$3 shipping)

“It will be a useful and inspiring companion for many walkers.” – Anne Sidamon-Eristoff, former Chair, American Museum of Natural History

“A wonderful book, to not only use on the trail but also read at home.” – Henry J. Stern, former Commissioner, NYC Parks

“The Great Saunter is the greatest experience of my life…It is certainly the King of all Hikes..” – Joy Covello, teacher and Shorewalker



Walking By Waters: NY-NJ and Hudson Shorewalking Photos
A collection of mostly urban, waterfront, color photos taken from 1984 to 2010, mainly of shore areas most New Yorkers know nothing about. These extraordinary photos were snapped mainly by Cy Adler, founder of Shorewalkers, Inc. The book is dedicated to all the shorewalkers who have helped plan and organize many of the scenes you will see depicted herein. 147 pages. Over 130 photographs. $29.95


Walking The Hudson, Battery To Bear Mountain 
An entertaining, informative guide/revery about a new 56-mile path from the Battery to Bear Mountain. The first and finest guide to this Hudson shore path. 152 Pages, Indexed. Illustrated. Maps. Introduction by Pete Seeger. $12.95

“Batt to Bear reveals the beauty and wonder of one of America’s most familiar yet least appreciated waterways and shorelines.” – Ruth Messinger, former Manhattan Borough President

2013 Edition. Countryman Press. 



Ecological Fantasies: Death From Falling Watermelons
In defense of innovation and rational approaches to environmental problems. Demise of suburbs predicted. Four printings plus a Japanese translation. Ecological Fantasies puts some ecological myths into proper perspective, points out who is polluting what, and shows that many popular environmental fears are open to question. Adopted at several colleges. Illustrated. 350 pages, indexed.

Ecological Fantasies


The Queer Dutchman by Peter Agnos
History about a religious seaman castaway on deserted Ascension Island in 1725, when accused of “unnatural” acts. Astonishing story of his fight for survival. 2nd printing. Several producers have inquired about film rights. 144 pages, indexed. Illustrated. $9.95 (+$3 shipping)

“The story is absolutely fascinating…I couldn’t put the book down.” – Martin Mitchell, After Dark“Extraordinary…” – Sandy Bragg, Simon & Schuster“The Queer Dutchman is a book with an impact not unlike that of Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. ” – Christopher Street Review.

“It reads like a novel..This is an important and fascinating book.” – Bishop Paul Moore, St. John the Divine.




Crazy to Go to Sea by Cy A Adler

“An intrepid New Yorker decides he has had his fill of what the city has to offer, and boards a Norwegian ship as a wiper on a quest for adventure.”





51h+pYZXkGLMy Life ‘Til Smuggled Into the Grave

MY LIFE ‘TIL SMUGGLED INTO MY GRAVE has the flavor of wisdom from the lips of an older woman who was born in Romania and lived a full life in this country. Sarah Adler’s story will appeal to readers from many immigrant families who are now realizing the sacrifice, stamina and courage our relatives needed to make a better life. Cy Adler’s story recreates Sarah with emotion and objectivity and brings to life various neighborhoods in New York City with their games, ethnic groups and families. Stories like hers should be preserved for the children and grandchildren. Sarah was a wise woman whose knowledge should be shared.



Thank You Skin Couldn’t Live Without You

This collection of cantos and songs penned by Cy A Adler, with music by Susan Wright, and legendary songwriter Pete Seeger, encourages children to appreciate their major body parts and Mother Nature. We so often take them for granted. A lesson in gratitude, THANK YOU SKIN is funny and deep, charming and educational. Parents will enjoy THANK YOU SKIN as much as their kids.